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Morse Code Trainer

I learned morse code using Ray Goff's (G4FON) Koch method morse code trainer. It was the best tool I had ever tried. I wanted to offer a web based version of it here. It is very closely modeled to the G4FON trainer, but not an exact replica. You can read more about Ray's program and also download it from here: http://www.g4fon.net/

More information on the Koch method from an article by Dave Finley N1IRZ here.

Please note that there may be some bugs that crop up from time to time. This feature uses some fairly new concepts to web audio that may not work quite right in all browsers. The latest versions of Firefox seems to work the best. Opera works pretty good too. No version of Internet Explorer supports this at the moment. Microsoft's Edge browser does pretty well though. Apple mobile devices tend to be buggy depending on the iOS version, but Safari on the Mac desktop works pretty good. I have not tested with Linux or Android so if you have a report for one of those, please

The main issue you may experience is that the trainer simply stops making tones. I've had this happen on just about every browser. I simply cannot figure out what is happening. No errors are reported, it just stops. Currently, I cannot fix this and I believe this to be a bug in the browsers' Web Audio features. Hopefully, over time, it will simply get better. So, for now, I have set th emaximun session time to 3 minutes because it seems that most browsers will work, at least for this amount of time, before crashing.

Another common issue is that after playing some tones, and either pressing STOP or it finishes on its own, starting again may result in simply 1 tone and then it nothing after that. Simply refreshing the screen to reload everythig seems to fix this.

The lesson grading routine to grade your work has been written. Eventually, I hope to add the ability to track your progress over time if you are a registered user.

A note about the trainer's settings. Your settings will be retained as long as you keep the browser open, but they will be lost when you close the browser. However, registered users will have their settings retained as long as you are logged in when you set them. This way, your settings will follow you to wherever you log in from!