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practice exams - Technician Class

What may result when correspondence from the FCC is returned as undeliverable because the grantee failed to provide the correct mailing address? (T1C07)
Which of the following restrictions apply when a non-licensed person is allowed to speak to a foreign station using a station under the control of a Technician Class control operator? (T1F07)
What is component 8 in figure T2? (T6C07)
What brief statement is often transmitted in place of "CQ" to indicate that you are listening on a repeater? (T2A09)
What is component 4 in figure T3? (T6C11)
Which of the following is an example of remote control as defined in Part 97? (T1E10)
What does the term "APRS" mean? (T8D02)
What is a disadvantage of the "rubber duck" antenna supplied with most handheld radio transceivers? (T9A04)
What are the names of the two electrodes of a diode? (T6B09)
What is the current flowing through a 100-ohm resistor connected across 200 volts? (T5D08)
What is the name for the distance a radio wave travels during one complete cycle? (T3B01)
What instrument other than an SWR meter could you use to determine if a feed line and antenna are properly matched? (T7C08)
Which of the following effects might cause radio signals to be heard despite obstructions between the transmitting and receiving stations? (T3C05)
What is the approximate bandwidth of a single sideband voice signal? (T8A08)
What property of radio waves is often used to identify the different frequency bands? (T3B07)
How is a computer's sound card used when conducting digital communications using a computer? (T4A07)
Which of the following may be useful in correcting a radio frequency interference problem? (T7B07)
What can happen if a lead-acid storage battery is charged or discharged too quickly? (T0A10)
What is considered to be a proper grounding method for a tower? (T0B08)
Which of the following is an FCC rule regarding power levels used in the amateur bands, under normal, non-distress circumstances? (T2A11)
What may happen if a transmitter is operated with the microphone gain set too high? (T4B01)
What is a commonly used method of sending signals to and from a digital satellite? (T8B11)
What determines the transmitting privileges of an amateur station? (T1E04)
What does an SWR reading of 4:1 indicate? (T7C06)
Under what circumstances should you consider communicating via simplex rather than a repeater? (T2B12)
What generally happens as the frequency of a signal passing through coaxial cable is increased? (T9B05)
With regard to satellite communications, what is Doppler shift? (T8B07)
Which of the following is a common reason to use shielded wire? (T6D12)
What emission modes are permitted in the mode-restricted sub-bands at 50.0 to 50.1 MHz and 144.0 to 144.1 MHz? (T1B11)
What kind of hazard is presented by a conventional 12-volt storage battery? (T0A09)
How much voltage does a mobile transceiver usually require? (T5A06)
Which of the following is a common use of coaxial cable? (T7C12)
What is the voltage across a 10-ohm resistor if a current of 2 amperes flows through it? (T5D12)
Under which of the following circumstances may an amateur radio station engage in broadcasting? (T1D12)
What is the basic unit of capacitance? (T5C02)