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practice exams - Technician Class

Which Q signal indicates that you are changing frequency? (T2B11)
What is the grace period following the expiration of an amateur license within which the license may be renewed? (T1C09)
When is the transmission of codes or ciphers that hide the meaning of a message allowed by an amateur station? (T1D03)
What is component 4 in figure T2? (T6C09)
Which of the following is a common use of coaxial cable? (T7C12)
What does a dummy load consist of? (T7C13)
To which foreign stations do the FCC rules authorize the transmission of non-emergency third party communications? (T1F11)
What kind of hazard is presented by a conventional 12-volt storage battery? (T0A09)
Which of the following describes a simple dipole mounted so the conductor is parallel to the Earth's surface? (T9A03)
What electrical component is used to oppose the flow of current in a DC circuit? (T6A01)
What is the ability to store energy in a magnetic field called? (T5C03)
What is the basic unit of capacitance? (T5C02)
Which of the following is an acceptable method to determine that your station complies with FCC RF exposure regulations? (T0C06)
In which direction is the radiation strongest from a half-wave dipole antenna in free space? (T9A10)
What mode is responsible for allowing over-the-horizon VHF and UHF communications to ranges of approximately 300 miles on a regular basis? (T3C06)
Which of the following might be happening when VHF signals are being received from long distances? (T3C02)
Which of the following is an acceptable language to use for station identification when operating in a phone sub-band? (T1F04)
Which of the following methods is used to locate sources of noise interference or jamming? (T8C01)
How is a computer's sound card used when conducting digital communications using a computer? (T4A07)
What is the voltage across a 10-ohm resistor if a current of 1 ampere flows through it? (T5D11)
What do RACES and ARES have in common? (T2C04)
What do the symbols on an electrical circuit schematic diagram represent? (T6C12)
What instrument is used to measure resistance? (T7D05)
Which of the following would be connected between a transceiver and computer in a packet radio station? (T4A06)
Which of these items would be useful for a hidden transmitter hunt? (T8C02)
Which of the following is true concerning grounding conductors used for lightning protection? (T0B10)
Which of the following are provided by satellite tracking programs? (T8B03)
What method of call sign identification is required for a station transmitting phone signals? (T1F05)
What should you do if another operator reports that your station's 2 meter signals were strong just a moment ago, but now they are weak or distorted? (T3A01)
What could cause your FM signal to interfere with stations on nearby frequencies? (T2B07)
What does an SWR reading of 4:1 indicate? (T7C06)
How much transmitter power should be used on the uplink frequency of an amateur satellite or space station? (T8B02)
Who may select a desired call sign under the vanity call sign rules? (T1C12)
What is the name for standardized representations of components in an electrical wiring diagram? (T6C01)
What is the current flow in a circuit with an applied voltage of 120 volts and a resistance of 80 ohms? (T5D07)