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practice exams - Technician Class

Which of the following results from the fact that skip signals refracted from the ionosphere are elliptically polarized? (T3A09)
What is meant by the term "check" in reference to a formal traffic message? (T2C11)
Which of the following is a good electrical conductor? (T5A07)
Which of the following common problems might cause you to be able to hear but not access a repeater even when transmitting with the proper offset? (T2B04)
Which of the following controls could be used if the voice pitch of a single-sideband signal seems too high or low? (T4B06)
Which of the following is an application of APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System)? (T8D05)
What is component 2 in figure T1? (T6C03)
What frequency range is referred to as HF? (T3B10)
If your license has expired and is still within the allowable grace period, may you continue to operate a transmitter on amateur service frequencies? (T1C11)
What is the function of component 2 in Figure T1? (T6D10)
What method of call sign identification is required for a station transmitting phone signals? (T1F05)
What is the grace period following the expiration of an amateur license within which the license may be renewed? (T1C09)
What type of antennas are the quad, Yagi, and dish? (T9A06)
What is the name for standardized representations of components in an electrical wiring diagram? (T6C01)
Which of the following is equivalent to 500 milliwatts? (T5B05)
Which of the following is true of the use of SSB phone in amateur bands above 50 MHz? (T2B13)
What is a good precaution to observe before climbing an antenna tower? (T0B02)
Who does the FCC presume to be the control operator of an amateur station, unless documentation to the contrary is in the station records? (T1E11)
What is the resistance in a circuit for which the applied voltage is 12 volts and the current flow is 1.5 amperes? (T5D05)
Which of the following propagation types is most commonly associated with occasional strong over-the-horizon signals on the 10, 6, and 2 meter bands? (T3C04)
What may happen if a transmitter is operated with the microphone gain set too high? (T4B01)
What do the initials LEO tell you about an amateur satellite? (T8B10)
What type of amateur station simultaneously retransmits the signal of another amateur station on a different channel or channels? (T1F09)
Which term describes the ability of a receiver to detect the presence of a signal? (T7A01)
Which type of voice mode is most often used for long-distance (weak signal) contacts on the VHF and UHF bands? (T8A03)
How many amperes are flowing in a circuit when the applied voltage is 12 volts DC and the load is 120 watts? (T5C11)
Which of the following precautions should be taken when measuring circuit resistance with an ohmmeter? (T7D11)
What is a good reason not to use a "rubber duck" antenna inside your car? (T9A07)
Which of the following actions might amateur operators take to prevent exposure to RF radiation in excess of FCC-supplied limits? (T0C08)
Which of the following devices is most useful for VHF weak-signal communication? (T7A09)
What does a dummy load consist of? (T7C13)
What are the names of the two electrodes of a diode? (T6B09)
What is meant by Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) as used in amateur radio? (T8C12)
Why is duty cycle one of the factors used to determine safe RF radiation exposure levels? (T0C10)
Which 23 cm frequency is authorized to a Technician Class licensee? (T1B06)