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practice exams - General Class

Why is it important to know the duty cycle of the mode you are using when transmitting? (G8B08)
Why must the metal enclosure of every item of station equipment be grounded? (G0B06)
Why should soldered joints not be used with the wires that connect the base of a tower to a system of ground rods? (G0B09)
Approximately how long does it take the increased ultraviolet and X-ray radiation from solar flares to affect radio propagation on the Earth? (G3A03)
What is an advantage of a digital voltmeter as compared to an analog voltmeter? (G4B06)
What is the maximum height above ground to which an antenna structure may be erected without requiring notification to the FAA and registration with the FCC, provided it is not at or near a public use airport? (G1B01)
At what point in the solar cycle does the 20-meter band usually support worldwide propagation during daylight hours? (G3A07)
What does the term "critical angle" mean as used in radio wave propagation? (G3C04)
What is the equivalent capacitance of two 5.0 nanofarad capacitors and one 750 picofarad capacitor connected in parallel? (G5C08)
What is the approximate junction threshold voltage of a germanium diode? (G6A03)
What type of circuit is used in many FM receivers to convert signals coming from the IF amplifier to audio? (G7C08)
On what bands may automatically controlled stations transmitting RTTY or data emissions communicate with other automatically controlled digital stations? (G1E13)
What is an instance in which the use of an instrument with analog readout may be preferred over an instrument with a digital readout? (G4B14)
What part of a data packet contains the routing and handling information? (G8C03)
Which of the following is a purpose of a beacon station as identified in the FCC rules? (G1B03)
What is the maximum transmitting power an amateur station may use on the 12-meter band? (G1C02)
Which of the following is a disadvantage of using wind as the primary source of power for an emergency station? (G4E11)
What is the name of the process by which sunlight is changed directly into electricity? (G4E08)
Why is a Beverage antenna not used for transmitting? (G9D08)
What is the capacitance of a 20 microfarad capacitor connected in series with a 50 microfarad capacitor? (G5C12)
Which of the following instruments may be used to monitor relative RF output when making antenna and transmitter adjustments? (G4B08)
Which of the following describes a linear amplifier? (G7B14)
Which of the following causes opposition to the flow of alternating current in a capacitor? (G5A04)
Which of the following describes a log periodic antenna? (G9D07)
What is the maximum symbol rate permitted for RTTY or data emission transmitted at frequencies below 28 MHz? (G1C08)
Which of the following connectors would be a good choice for a serial data port? (G6B12)
Which sideband is most commonly used for voice communications on frequencies of 14 MHz or higher? (G2A01)
Which of the following factors determine the characteristic impedance of a parallel conductor antenna feed line? (G9A01)
Which of the following is required by the FCC rules when operating in the 60-meter band? (G2D07)
Approximately how long is each leg of a symmetrical delta-loop antenna? (G9C17)
Which of the following describes a waterfall display? (G2E12)
Which of the following describes the function of a two input AND gate? (G7B03)
What is the modulation envelope of an AM signal? (G8A11)
What skills learned during hidden transmitter hunts are of help to the Amateur Auxiliary? (G2D03)
What does it mean when a CW operator sends "KN" at the end of a transmission? (G2C03)