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practice exams - General Class

Which of the following is an effect of overmodulation? (G8A08)
Which of the following is needed for a Digital Signal Processor IF filter? (G7C09)
Why are HF scatter signals in the skip zone usually weak? (G3C08)
Which of the following would reduce RF interference caused by common-mode current on an audio cable? (G4C08)
What happens when the impedance of an electrical load is equal to the output impedance of a power source, assuming both impedances are resistive? (G5A07)
What does the term NVIS mean as related to antennas? (G9D01)
What could be wrong if you cannot decode an RTTY or other FSK signal even (G2E14)
What skills learned during hidden transmitter hunts are of help to the Amateur Auxiliary? (G2D03)
What must you do when powering your house from an emergency generator? (G0B13)
What is the approximate length for a 1/4 wave vertical antenna cut for 28.5 MHz? (G9B12)
Which of the following causes opposition to the flow of alternating current in a capacitor? (G5A04)
What type of circuit is used in many FM receivers to convert signals coming from the IF amplifier to audio? (G7C08)
Which of the following is a function of a digital signal processor? (G4C11)
What is the Amateur Auxiliary to the FCC? (G2D01)
Who may receive credit for the elements represented by an expired amateur radio license? (G1D01)
How close to the upper edge of the 20-meter General Class band should your displayed carrier frequency be when using 3 kHz wide USB? (G4D11)
What is the maximum symbol rate permitted for RTTY or data emission transmitted at frequencies below 28 MHz? (G1C08)
How many watts are dissipated when a current of 7.0 milliamperes flows through 1.25 kilohms resistance? (G5B05)
Which size of fuse or circuit breaker would be appropriate to use with a circuit that uses AWG number 14 wiring? (G0B03)
For which of the following modes is a Class C power stage appropriate for amplifying a modulated signal? (G7B11)
How much must the power output of a transmitter be raised to change the (G4D07)
What problem can occur when making measurements on an antenna system with an antenna analyzer? (G4B12)
How many data bits are sent in a single PSK31 character? (G8C02)
What is the maximum symbol rate permitted for RTTY or data emission transmitted on the 1.25-meter and 70-centimeter bands? (G1C09)
Which of the following is a way to establish contact with a digital messaging system gateway station? (G2E10)
What does the number 31 represent in "PSK31"? (G8C09)
On what bands may automatically controlled stations transmitting RTTY or data emissions communicate with other automatically controlled digital stations? (G1E13)
What must be done to prevent standing waves on an antenna feed line? (G9A07)
Which of the following solid state devices is most like a vacuum tube in its general operating characteristics? (G6A11)
In what segment of the 20-meter band are most PSK31 operations commonly found? (G2E08)
Where should the radial wires of a ground-mounted vertical antenna system be placed? (G9B06)
What is a characteristic of HF scatter signals? (G3C06)
Which of the following is a limitation on transmitter power on the 28 MHz band for a General Class control operator? (G1C05)
When is it acceptable to recharge a carbon-zinc primary cell? (G6A04)
What makes HF scatter signals often sound distorted? (G3C07)