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practice exams - General Class

Which of the following is a reason not to use wire-wound resistors in an RF circuit? (G6A17)
What standing wave ratio will result when connecting a 50 ohm feed line to a non-reactive load having 50 ohm impedance? (G9A11)
What is the "DX window" in a voluntary band plan? (G2B08)
What is the inductance of a 20 millihenry inductor connected in series with a 50 millihenry inductor? (G5C11)
Which of the following is used to process signals from the balanced modulator then send them to the mixer in some single sideband phone transmitters? (G7C01)
Who may be the control operator of an amateur station transmitting in RACES to assist relief operations during a disaster? (G2B09)
Which of the following is an advantage of an LED indicator compared to an incandescent indicator? (G6B07)
Which of the following is an effect of overmodulation? (G8A08)
What is the output PEP from a transmitter if an oscilloscope measures 500 volts peak-to-peak across a 50 ohm resistive load connected to the transmitter output? (G5B14)
What is the correct adjustment for the load or coupling control of a vacuum tube RF power amplifier? (G4A08)
Which of the following is a danger from lead-tin solder? (G0B10)
Which of the following is a primary reason for not placing a gasoline-fueled generator inside an occupied area? (G0B04)
Which of the following instruments may be used to monitor relative RF output when making antenna and transmitter adjustments? (G4B08)
What is the simplest combination of stages that implement a superheterodyne receiver? (G7C07)
How does antenna gain stated in dBi compare to gain stated in dBd for the same antenna? (G9C19)
How does the FCC require an amateur station to be operated in all respects not specifically covered by the Part 97 rules? (G1B11)
What does the Q signal "QRL?" mean? (G2C04)
What is meant by the term flat-topping when referring to a single sideband phone transmission? (G8A10)
What is the approximate maximum distance along the Earth's surface that is normally covered in one hop using the E region? (G3B10)
Why is the F2 region mainly responsible for the longest distance radio wave propagation? (G3C03)
Which of the following is a requirement for administering a Technician Class license examination? (G1D04)
What sound is heard from an audio device or telephone if there is interference from a nearby single sideband phone transmitter? (G4C03)
What is the purpose of a gamma match used with Yagi antennas? (G9C11)
If propagation changes during your contact and you notice increasing interference from other activity on the same frequency, what should you do? (G2B03)
In what ITU region is operation in the 7.175 to 7.300 MHz band permitted for a control operator holding an FCC issued General Class license? (G1A14)
Which of the following is an advantage of a switchmode power supply as compared to a linear power supply? (G7A08)
What is the approximate length for a 1/2 wave dipole antenna cut for 3.550 MHz? (G9B11)
Which of the following complies with good amateur practice when choosing a frequency on which to initiate a call? (G2B07)
Which of the following would disqualify a third party from participating in stating a message over an amateur station? (G1E01)
Which of the following direct, fused power connections would be the best for a 100 watt HF mobile installation? (G4E03)
Which of the following components should be added to a capacitor to increase the capacitance? (G5C13)
Which of the following conditions require a licensed Amateur Radio operator to take specific steps to avoid harmful interference to other users or facilities? (G1E04)
What effect does a Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance have on the daytime ionospheric propagation of HF radio waves? (G3A02)
What control is typically adjusted for proper ALC setting on an amateur single sideband transceiver? (G8A09)
What is the purpose of the "notch filter" found on many HF transceivers? (G4A01)