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practice exams - General Class

Which of the following limitations apply to transmitter power on every amateur band? (G1C04)
Which communication system sometimes uses the Internet to transfer messages? (G2E13)
Which of the following is covered by the National Electrical Code? (G0B14)
How is the efficiency of an RF power amplifier determined? (G7B08)
When is an amateur station allowed to use any means at its disposal to assist another station in distress? (G2B12)
Which of the following is an application for a Beverage antenna? (G9D09)
Which of the following frequencies is within the General Class portion of the 80-meter band? (G1A08)
What types of messages for a third party in another country may be transmitted by an amateur station? (G1E05)
What is the name of the process that changes the phase angle of an RF wave to convey information? (G8A02)
What is the output PEP from a transmitter if an oscilloscope measures 500 volts peak-to-peak across a 50 ohm resistive load connected to the transmitter output? (G5B14)
How does antenna gain stated in dBi compare to gain stated in dBd for the same antenna? (G9C19)
How can a ground loop be avoided? (G4C09)
Which of the following can be determined with a field strength meter? (G4B09)
How are radio communications usually affected by the charged particles that reach the Earth from solar coronal holes? (G3A14)
Why do most amateur stations use lower sideband on the 160-meter, 75-meter and 40-meter bands? (G2A09)
What emission is produced by a reactance modulator connected to a transmitter RF amplifier stage? (G8A04)
What does MUF stand for? (G3B08)
What does the Q signal "QSL" mean? (G2C09)
What unit is used to measure reactance? (G5A09)
Which of the following describes the function of a two input AND gate? (G7B03)
When is an amateur station permitted to transmit secret codes? (G1B06)
What circuit is used to process signals from the RF amplifier and local oscillator then send the result to the IF filter in a superheterodyne receiver? (G7C03)
Why is a time delay sometimes included in a transmitter keying circuit? (G4A09)
What is the output PEP of an unmodulated carrier if an average reading wattmeter connected to the transmitter output indicates 1060 watts? (G5B13)
Which of the following is an advantage of ceramic capacitors as compared to other types of capacitors? (G6A14)
What is the significance of the sunspot number with regard to HF propagation? (G3A01)
What might cause reflected power at the point where a feed line connects to an antenna? (G9A04)
What signal source is connected to the vertical input of an oscilloscope when checking the RF envelope pattern of a transmitted signal? (G4B04)
What is the maximum transmitting power an amateur station may use on 10.140 MHz? (G1C01)
What is the standard sideband used to generate a JT65 or JT9 digital signal when using AFSK in any amateur band? (G2E05)
Which of the following most limits the effectiveness of an HF mobile transceiver operating in the 75-meter band? (G4E05)
What is the approximate bandwidth of a PACTOR3 signal at maximum data rate? (G8B05)
Which of the following is an advantage of an electrolytic capacitor? (G6A15)
Approximately how long is each leg of a symmetrical delta-loop antenna? (G9C17)
What precaution should be taken when installing a ground-mounted antenna? (G0A06)