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practice exams - Extra Class

What term describes station output, taking into account all gains and losses? (E9A18)
What is reactive power? (E5D14)
Which of the following is often determined using a Smith chart? (E9G03)
What circuit element is controlled by a series analog voltage regulator to maintain a constant output voltage? (E7D11)
What is the necessary bandwidth of a 4800-Hz frequency shift, 9600-baud ASCII FM transmission? (E8C07)
What is meant by the term baseband in radio communications? (E7E07)
What is tri-state logic? (E6C03)
What is the effect of intermodulation products in a linear power amplifier? (E7B16)
An SDR receiver is overloaded when input signals exceed what level? (E4C08)
From which of the following bands is amateur radio contesting generally excluded? (E2C03)
What is one type of electrical interference that might be caused by the operation of a nearby personal computer? (E4E14)
What is the National Radio Quiet Zone? (E1B05)
Which of the following is the most appropriate use of an op-amp active filter? (E7G06)
When using rectangular coordinates to graph the impedance of a circuit, what does the vertical axis represent? (E5C10)
What type of logic defines "0" as a high voltage? (E7A12)
What is microstrip? (E5D03)
What does SAR measure? (E0A08)
Which amateur stations may be operated under RACES rules? (E1B09)
What does the MDS of a receiver represent? (E4C07)
How does the gain of an ideal operational amplifier vary with frequency? (E7G08)
What do the terms L band and S band specify with regard to satellite communications? (E2A09)
Which of the following signals might a receiver noise blanker be able to remove from desired signals? (E4E03)
What is one advantage of using JT65 coding? (E2D14)
Which of the following is good practice when using an oscilloscope probe? (E4A11)
What function can a Fast Fourier Transform perform? (E7F07)
Which of these choices is an effective way to match an antenna with a 100 ohm feed point impedance to a 50 ohm coaxial cable feed line? (E9E10)
What is vestigial sideband modulation? (E2B06)
What is the most common configuration of an optoisolator or optocoupler? (E6F03)
Which of the following describes a type of semiconductor diode? (E6B08)
What absorbs the energy from light falling on a photovoltaic cell? (E6F12)
How is an interlaced scanning pattern generated in a fast-scan (NTSC) television system? (E2B03)
Why would a direct or flash conversion analog-to-digital converter be useful for a software defined radio? (E8A08)
Tropospheric propagation of microwave signals often occurs along what weather related structure? (E3A05)
How are impedances described in polar coordinates? (E5C02)
Which of the following factors might cause the physical location of an amateur station apparatus or antenna structure to be restricted? (E1B02)
What is the main effect of placing a vertical antenna over an imperfect ground? (E9C13)
What frequencies are authorized to an amateur station operating under RACES rules? (E1B10)
How are the wavelength scales on a Smith chart calibrated? (E9G11)
What do the initials CMOS stand for? (E6A13)
What antenna has no gain in any direction? (E9A02)
At what time of year is Sporadic E propagation most likely to occur? (E3B09)
How does the maximum distance of ground-wave propagation change when the signal frequency is increased? (E3C12)
What limitations may the FCC place on an amateur station if its signal causes interference to domestic broadcast reception, assuming that the receivers involved are of good engineering design? (E1B08)
What is an advantage of Gray code in digital communications where symbols are transmitted as multiple bits (E8C10)
What is the term for the ratio between the frequency deviation of an RF carrier wave and the modulating frequency of its corresponding FM-phone signal? (E8B01)
What is a liquid crystal display (LCD)? (E6F13)
Which of the following geographic descriptions approximately describes "Line A"? (E1F04)
How does the performance of a horizontally polarized antenna mounted on the side of a hill compare with the same antenna mounted on flat ground? (E9C14)
In Figure E7-1, what is the purpose of R3? (E7B11)
What impedance does a 1/8 wavelength transmission line present to a generator when the line is shorted at the far end? (E9F10)