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practice exams - Extra Class

How does the total amount of radiation emitted by a directional gain antenna compare with the total amount of radiation emitted from an isotropic antenna, assuming each is driven by the same amount of power? (E9B07)
What is the maximum permissible duration of a remotely controlled station’s transmissions if its control link malfunctions? (E1C08)
How can you determine if line noise interference is being generated within your home? (E4E07)
What is the main effect of placing a vertical antenna over an imperfect ground? (E9C13)
What describes frequency division multiplexing? (E8B10)
What is the main drawback of a wire-loop antenna for direction finding? (E9H05)
What system matches a higher impedance transmission line to a lower impedance antenna by connecting the line to the driven element in two places spaced a fraction of a wavelength each side of element center? (E9E01)
In the antenna radiation pattern shown in Figure E9-1, what is the front-to-back ratio? (E9B02)
What does SAR measure? (E0A08)
Which of the following is a significant difference between foam dielectric coaxial cable and solid dielectric cable, assuming all other parameters are the same? (E9F16)
What technology is used to track, in real time, balloons carrying amateur radio transmitters? (E2A14)
Why are high-power RF amplifier ICs and transistors sometimes mounted in ceramic packages? (E6E12)
Why do CMOS digital integrated circuits have high immunity to noise on the input signal or power supply? (E6C06)
What is the most common data rate used for HF packet? (E2E06)
Which amateur stations are eligible to be telecommand stations? (E1D10)
Which of the following conditions apply when transmitting spread spectrum emission? (E1F09)
What should a VE do if a candidate fails to comply with the examiner’s instructions during an amateur operator license examination? (E1E07)
At what time of day is Sporadic-E propagation most likely to occur? (E3B11)
What is "dither" with respect to analog to digital converters? (E8A04)
What is the direction of a descending pass for an amateur satellite? (E2A02)
What are the principal frequencies that appear at the output of a mixer circuit? (E7E08)
When using a computer’s soundcard input to digitize signals, what is the highest frequency signal that can be digitized without aliasing? (E4A09)
Which of the following would allow a digital signal processing filter to create a sharper filter response? (E7F14)
Who must be in physical control of the station apparatus of an amateur station aboard any vessel or craft that is documented or registered in the United States? (E1A13)
What is the relationship between the current through an inductor and the voltage across an inductor? (E5B10)
In Figure E7-1, what is the purpose of R3? (E7B11)
What is usually the primary source of noise that is heard from an HF receiver with an antenna connected? (E4C15)
What is an OCFD antenna? (E9C05)
At what time of year is Sporadic E propagation most likely to occur? (E3B09)
What is digital time division multiplexing? (E8B11)
What is the typical velocity factor for a coaxial cable with solid polyethylene dielectric? (E9F04)
How can an RF power amplifier be neutralized? (E7B08)
How is positive feedback supplied in a Pierce oscillator? (E7H05)
Which of the following can be used as a relative measurement of the Q for a series-tuned circuit? (E4B15)
What must be done before placing an amateur station within an officially designated wilderness area or wildlife preserve, or an area listed in the National Register of Historical Places? (E1B04)
How is voltage from a power supply normally furnished to the most common type of monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC)? (E6E08)
What is one reason for using ferrite cores rather than powdered-iron in an inductor? (E6D05)
How are the capacitors and inductors of a low-pass filter Pi-network arranged between the network's input and output? (E7C01)
What is considered a good minimum IMD level for an idling PSK signal? (E8D09)
Which is a video standard used by North American Fast Scan ATV stations? (E2B16)
What does the term ray tracing describe in regard to radio communications? (E3C01)
What is a Class D amplifier? (E7B02)
Which S parameter is equivalent to forward gain? (E4B13)
What is the function of taps in a digital signal processing filter? (E7F13)
How can the true power be determined in an AC circuit where the voltage and current are out of phase? (E5D10)
Which of the following can increase Q for inductors and capacitors? (E5A15)
What is susceptance? (E5B06)
Which of the following describes a type of semiconductor diode? (E6B08)
Which of the following is an advantage of using vestigial sideband for standard fast- scan TV transmissions? (E2B05)
What is an important characteristic of a Schottky diode as compared to an ordinary silicon diode when used as a power supply rectifier? (E6B02)